01 December, 2007

Do you see the resemblance?

I managed to get these 2 photos together of Amy & Chloe so that you can see the resemblance between my 2 girls.

I feel Chloe looks very similar to Amy, but then again my eyes could be fooling me. Let's see if you can spot the differences...

Woke up early this morning to go take a shower, as my right breast was in such pain and agony, as I was engorged so much (and they say a HOT shower can help with that, but it made it a lot worse). While in the shower all I could do was cry my heart out, it was so sore. I just cannot explain the pain, so bad that I could not lift my arm up. I'm sure some of you Mom's have been in that very situation before. I know my Mom has with me when I was a baby.

I think the reason why my breasts are engorging so much, is that I am expressing my milk for just enough that Chloe needs, instead of expressing them till they are empty and soft. Murray has been so supportive about the whole thing. I took 2 pain killers that I still had left from the hospital and he gave me an anti inflammatory. Then I proceeded to express till they were empty, it seemed to help the pain a little.

The reason I am expressing my milk is, because Chloe did not latch on properly, as her tongue is rather tight (its the little flap under her tongue), the Paediatrician says it should stretch over the year, if not, they might just have to snip it a bit, or she will talk with a bit of a lisp. The funny thing, is I had the same problem when I was young and had to have mine cut slightly.

Once that ordeal was over and subsided for a while, I had to get Amy ready for Kelsey-Shaye's Mermaid party. I did not have time to get her own set of mermaid tails, but she wanted to wear her butterfly dress, which looked quite cute on her.

At the party they had a water slide with bubbles and Amy loved going down it (might be a good idea for her party), as she is during summer, but will see closer to the time.

By the time I got back home I really was not feeling well at all. I had a fever, hot and cold sweats that I went to sleep for a while to sweat it out. So if you have not guessed it yet I obviously had mastitis (which is called milk fever, from too much engorging). Spent most of the day sleeping after that...

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  1. Your girls certainly look alike at birth. Funny thing was that when you looked at my daughter and son at birth, they almost looked like twins!

    Hope you are feeling a bit better. I know that the swelling boobs can certainly be very painful.



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