11 December, 2007

Another win & Santa visit to Lapland

I won 2nd place over at Scraphoria. For the month of November we had to create 4 LOs for 4 different challenges. The theme was "Dream a little dream". The prizes are from Dream Street Papers, so I will wait to see what I have won...YAY!

Challenge 1 - Create a personal LO about you and your DREAM.

Challenge 2 - Create a LO based on a song with the word DREAM in it.

Challenge 3 - Create a LO using a single large photo on either a 1-page or 2-page.

Challenge 4 - Create a LO about "Unrealized Dreams". A dream you had when you were younger. A dream you gave up because life is what it is. Do you regret not taking a certain path or do you look back now and giggle at how naive you once were.

Due to the weather being so hot yesterday, Dad decided it was time to unpack our swimming pool and fill it up. Everyone enjoyed having having a nice cool off in it.

Seeing that Santa was at the Pavilion today, my Mom and I decided to take Amy & Chloe to have a photo taken with him. We also met up with my friend Gail there and her grandchildren. I will post the photo once I get it back from them with Santa.

This year, without fail they have put up a spectacular display and it is one of a Snow castle. With heaps of snow, frosted flakes and everything wintery to capture the mood of the scene. It sure is breathtakingly beautiful. If you have not taken your kids yet, please make a point of doing so, they will love it. There is lots of fun activities for the to do to. Like taking a ride on the sleigh; making chocolate Santa's from Lindt chocolate (yummy); coloring in and of course, face painting (this was Amy's favourite) and she wanted the butterfly.

I have tried to capture the moment, really hope it inspires you to go to...

I have also made my very first LO of Amy & Chloe for 2 challenges. The first one is here and the second one here.

Both had to be like the sketch more or less. So, we will wait and see what it holds out for me.

Thought I would leave you with some pictures of Chloe, Amy and Mom...enjoy!


  1. wow, looks like you've been having a great time and a super buildup to christmas. Your layouts are awesome! Well done. Where do you buy most of your scrapbooking stuff? It's so hard to find decent stuff here in pmb. you either strike it lucky or end up with 10 decades ago stuff.

    I'm working on my hubby and trying to convince him I NEED to go to the convention in JHB in September. Will keep you posted.

    Another question - how do you get your layouts on your blog in the slide shows. I'm wanting to update mine, but I haven't got a clue how it all works.

  2. Stunning layouts Sophia and good luck with the challenge.

    Christmas at the Pavilion looks beautiful and will really take kids into "wonderland".

    Chloe is looking cute.



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