03 December, 2007

2 of us in AGONY

More tears this morning while expressing milk for Chloe, and the thing is I have to keep it up or else it blocks even more and becomes even more painful. So, I phoned Dr Martin and he has prescribed some antibiotics for me, lets hope they start to take effect real soon...holding thumbs!!!

On another medical note...Amy was complaining about her right cheek being very sore when touching it last night. So we gave her something for pain and she fell asleep, but woke up during the night complaining again. So we gave her another dose. This morning her whole right cheek was swollen, red and sore. I booked an appointment with our GP to see what was wrong. When Dad and her finally came back home, he proceeded to tell me that she has MUMPS, our poor little darling, at such a young age. Doc said Chloe will be fine as she has my immune system, so it is safe.

Let's hope we are both on the mend real soon.

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  1. Oh, no! at least if she gets any childhood sickness' now, it is better than when she is at "big school". Hope the antibiotics help. I can just imagine the pain you must be feeling.



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