19 November, 2007

The time is now

Had my appointment with Dr Martin at 12h30 and he did an internal to double check...

The GOOD NEWS is that SHE has turned from breech and is head down and ready. My cervix is ripe and ready as per Dr Martin and he has booked me in for Induction tomorrow morning. He wants to get her out before she changes from her position back to breech.

I go in toinght after 8h30pm, they give me a sleeping tablet to get some sleep...YAY!!!

Then they wake me bright and early tomorrow morning to put the epidural up, then we see how long it takes for her to come out...

Wish me well...I have a long or short day ahead of me tomorrow...FINALLY!

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  1. All the best for tomorrow and hope you have a good nights'rest.



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