22 November, 2007

This is how the story unfolded

Sorry, but this is a loooooooooooong post...

Murray's dad came Monday afternoon to fetch Amy for a few days, while I was at the hospital.

So instead of cooking, Murray and I ventured out for a romantic dinner for two on a stormy Monday night at the Pavilion. Finished our dinner around 8pm, then it was off to the hospital to check in for the night.

We were shown to the Labour ward just to check the heart rate of baby and make sure all her vitals were okay. Then I was shown to my room, where there were already another 2 beds filled. I then bid Murray goodnight and settled quietly into my bed. Took my sleeping tab, hoping to get a good night's rest before the BIG DAY, but there were so many interruptions in that ward, that I clearly had a broken night's sleep.

I got woken up at about 5h45 on Tuesday 20th November to go through to the Labour ward, so they could start getting me ready for the day ahead. Then I lay on the labour bed waiting patiently for Murray, while the nurse hooked up the baby heart monitor and the contractions monitor. Dr Martin arrived at about 8am, checked the status of all the monitors and he was happy with them, and said I will see you once the Anesthetist had done my epidural. Epidural was put in at about 9am, and it was not too bad. Dr Martin came back at 10am to a check, but by that time the nurse had already induced me and broken my waters. She then hooked me up with what she called the Good Stuff (yeah right). It was the medication to bring on the contractions. So, he said see you in 2 hours time, which meant 12am, and by that time I was fully diluted to 10cms. The epidural had also been switched off and I started to feel some of the contractions. Dr Martin said that this baby was in a big hurry to get here. As he sat down to start helping with the delivery, baby's head was already crowning. He started to push gently on the top of my stomach and baby started to slide out quickly, it was literally 3 pushes by Dr Martin on my tummy and baby Chloe was born at 12h35. He then gave her to me to put on my tummy and bond with her, while he stitched me up from a very small tear. I had a fairly stress free and no pushing labour process. What a pleasure that was, thanks Dr Martin for all YOUR hard work...

There is my awesome Doc Martin, he is such a honey...

One proud Momma...

If labour was that easy, I would have a dozen...yeah right!!!

Murray went with the nurse to watch Chloe being bathed and dressed etc, while the other nurses cleaned me up and wheeled me into my ward for the rest of my stay in hospital.

Chloe seems to be a very happy and content baby, hardly cries only if she is hungry or has a dirty nappy, unlike Amy who could not stop screeching and also she just wants to sleep all the time, hope that is a good sign...I am managing to breastfeed Chloe more comfortably than I did with Amy, as I feel very calm and relaxed with her...I feel myself just staring at her for hours while she just lies there, as if I know this is my last one and I need to enjoy each and every moment of it.

Amy came with Murray's folks on Tuesday afternoon during their special visiting time to see Chloe and hold her, and I must say I was happy with Amy's reactions to Chloe, she was so excited to see her, wanted to hold her all the time, kept kissing her and saying "I love her", it was just too cute for words...I hope it stays that way! She also got to take home her doll which she loved.

Just love this pic of Amy & Chloe....

We arrived home today at lunchtime and settled Chloe into her new big cot in her very own nursery, and she seemed to like it a lot. More room to stretch, which is what she seems to love to do.

The hospital also offer a new service, which impressed us a lot, they gave us a free packed dinner for Murray and I, which consisted of Chicken Kiev, mash, and vegetables and also a dessert. So that came in handy for tonight, no cooking needed...yummy!!!

Some of the BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements we received.

This awesome one from my loving husband, Murray...thanks for being there every step of the way, I love you lots.

Top left: Murray's work Dimension Data. Top right: Our good friends Ant & Jason. Bottom Left: My work Shave's Paint & Decor. Just added a close up of the gerber daisies.

Grandpa dropped Amy off in the afternoon after her swimming lesson and she was so excited to be back home to see her little sister...it made me happy to see her excited about it all.

It's a little strange to get used to all the little things one has to now do around a baby so small, but I think we will manage just fine as a family.

My parents come down tomorrow and will stay until Tuesday morning, so that will be a great help, with my Mom helping with the cooking etc and keeping Amy entertained too...

I have posted some photos for you to enjoy and I am off to feed Chloe...now the FUN really starts!!!


  1. Congratulations! She is just beatiful! Enjoy!!!



  3. Congratulations on your new little sweetie Sophia! Chloe is precious and so are the photos of Amy and her. So happy for you that your labor was easy...made up for all the worry and fear of a breach birth, didn't it!


  4. CONGRATS! Oh What a precious baby.... I just love all the pictures you posted... Amy and Chloe are beautiful!!!

  5. Well congratulations! So glad everything went smoothly for you...That little precious doll has the same eyes as her big sister!

  6. Congratulations- she is truly beautiful.

  7. Aw huge congrats to you and your family!! :)

  8. HEY GIRL... Congrats... she is absolutely beautiful.. I really enjoyed reading about your experience. Now get some rest mommy, you must be exhausted!!


  9. the pictures are so fabulous! lots of emotions
    thank you for sharing
    and congrats


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