27 November, 2007

1 Week Old

Can you believe our little darling Chloe is already 1 one week old today. Please stop the clock, I don't want her to getting any bigger, any faster...

I can truly thank our lucky stars on how lucky we are with her, she hardly cries and moans, just feeds and sleeps and is so good. She is a very happy and contented baby, let's hope that will last for a long time.

The weekend when we got home from the hospital was very stressful on my part with regard to my milk coming in, I became very engorged and Chloe could not latch on properly. So, first thing Monday morning, Murray and I went to buy an electric breast pump to express the milk, and that has made things a lot easier. As I really want her on breast milk for as long as I can. Funny thing, I had the same problem with Amy not latching on that I had to express too, but I had a hand pump then, which took even longer.

Amy has been so good in the whole adjustment with Chloe arriving on the scene. I had to print a phto of her with Chloe to take to school to show everybody, that is how proud she is. She has wanted to help a lot, which is excellent. She keeps wanting to check in on her in her cot. Keeps saying "She is so cute Mommy and I love her lots". She has even been able to bottle feed, seeing that I express my milk and it is too cute to see the interaction between them. I think she will make a great Big Sister.

Chloe with her Grandmere (my Mom)

My folks left yesterday afternoon and will be back the weekend before the 12th of December, as they fly out to Mauritius, to spend Christmas and New Year with the family. Wish we were going with, maybe the nest time.

Chloe with Grandmere & Grandpere (my folks)

My happy litle {Sweetpea}

I leave you with some pictures to ooh and aah over.

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  1. Now you have TWO beautiful girls and I can see that mum and dad are ever so proud. Amy is turning out to be such a stunning little girl - Murray will have to get that shotgun in tip top shape because it seems like Chloe is going to follow suit. Enjoy your girls while they are still small, time flies without one realising it. Love Desire.


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