15 October, 2006

Spring, Bicycles and Swimming...

What do they all have in common??

Well, we are well into Spring, or should I say Summer. Birds are chirping and everything looks new and clean. Flowers are shooting and blooming everywhere.

Amy had her Spring Day on Saturday. It was a cycle race and the teachers had mapped out a course at Leigh Cocks sports field. Tiggers where the first up to race. Murray and I thought that she would not take part, but needless to say she amazed us with her skills. With much encouragement and following of their teacher, Vanessa (also Dad on the side lines), she came in second and did us proud...I know, its all in the fun of it all. She was so thrilled to receive her medal at the finish line and could not stop beaming with excitement.
Amy and Dad at the START line
Dad encouraging her to go fast
Amy coming in 2nd at the FINISH line

With today being hot and all that, we packed our costumes in to swim at Murray's folks. Amy was a little apprehensive at first and did not want Dad to let her go, but once the confidence was back, it was time for fun in the pool.

- another weekend spent having fun.

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