25 August, 2008

I got a BLOG award

Thanks so much {Michelle}, {Tracy} & {Libby}, I gladly accept it. Go take a look at their blogs ladies and drop them a comment or two.

The rules are simple:

Make a blog post where you pass the award on to seven blogs you like and

Post a comment at their blog to tell them about the award!

Here is my 7 chosen below...
I hope you all enjoy your awards.


  1. Thank you so much Sophia! I'm so excited, you're very sweet.

    And congratulations too to you, your blog is lovely, well deserved.

    Catch up soon.


  2. Hello, if you'd like to see my SA journaling blog please visit and say hello back. www.journalingjunkie.blogspot.com I am a great fan of Kim's work and a friend of hers too.

  3. Thanks so much for your thoughtful award. It was really nice of you to think of me.

    Congrats on yours too.
    Have a super day!


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