24 February, 2011

Berrylicious Release Party Day 4

Welcome back to another fun day of Berrylicious surprises...

I am sure you are here, because you are interested on how to make that project you saw on the Imaginisce blog today...

So, here goes...

Supplies: Berrylicious Paper Range / Hole Punch / Adhesive / String / Buttons

Strawberry Template can be downloaded here & Box Template was bought here at Papertreyink

 Using your printed out template, cut out as many strawberries as you want to make, I have cut 4.

 Score on the dotted lines of the template, then fold to close the strawberry, apply liquid adhesive to the one side and hold together till set.

Once you have glued all the sides together and it’s dry, punch a small hole at the top of each corner.

Trace and cut out the leaves of the strawberry and punch 2 holes in the centre more or less.

Add your sweets or chocolates into the semi closed strawberry. Thread your string through each hole at the top of the strawberry and start to pull it together tightly, be careful not to break the holes.

Next, add your green leaves you cut out and thread the string through the 2 holes and add a button to finish it off.

I curled the ends of my string to make it look like real twigs from the plant…voila, your yummy Strawberries are ready to be added to your basket box and given to a friend.

I hope you enjoyed this easy, but simple tutorial…♥


  1. So wonderful of your to share this with all of us! I love it! Thanks for the template! Great Job!

  2. hi, new to the site, thanks.

  3. Stunning project...thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fabulous idea!!! Love it!

  5. This was so cute, I just love the strawberries!

  6. MMMMMMMMM, those strawberries look good enough to eat!

  7. i love these! i need to make them for party favors for my daughter's strawberry shortcake themed party! where did you get the cardstock from? LOVE IT!


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