30 May, 2010

Busy, Busy Weekend

Amazing when it's Friday, the time flies just too fast that before you know it, you are ready to unwind and get ready to start another new week...

Saturday, we had ballet concert rehearsals for Amy, with concert looming in a weeks time. So, looking forward to seeing my little princess up on stage.

Then it was time to get ready and head on out to their cousin Matthew's 6th birthday party with a Cowboy/Cowgirl theme...

Don't you think my little cuties look great...

Today was a glorious day here in Africa, with the Comrades on the go...

We headed out to the In laws to go out to lunch at Mamma Luciano's Italian restaurant, the food was too die for.

Of the course Amy decided she wanted to dress up all fancy and Chloe followed hot on her tail with her wardrobe selection...my, my how fast they are growing up, if these photos give us any indication of how pretty they already look, Dad will have to get his shotgun ready...

I am blessed to have 2 beautiful and healthy precious girls, would not have it any other way.

Hope you all had a great weekend, spending it with family...


  1. Sophs, you are blessed! Such beautiful girls!x

  2. You surely are blessed. Love the cowgirl piccies.

  3. Great Photo's Sophs - Love your two little gals - so cute!!!

  4. Love this post Sophia...I like hearing more about your cute little ones and what is happening in your lives.

  5. what CUTE pics!!! love these photos, sophia!


  6. Gorgeous pics of your beautiful family. I see you are also on an eating plan and have lost 12kg so far. Hang in there, its tough, but it will do wonders for your health and is an instant boost to one's spirits.


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