14 April, 2010

My Sweet {BIG} Girl

Amy lost her 1st tooth today.

It has been on the wobbly side for a while now, and today she decided it was time obviously that it had to come out...

She kindly asked her teacher..."can you please pull my tooth out?" which she did. Of course she could not wait to tell us the story and show us the evidence...my proud little girl.

Needless to say I did not get a pic of the actual tooth, but one of the toothless mouth.

When it came time to the Toothfairy to do her thing, she lucked out on the coins and had to have a note rolled up and tied with a pretty PINK bow, placed in the box, where she left a note stating her name, so that the Tootfairy knew it was her...too sweet. Of course also had to sprinkle some pretty sparkly fairy dust...

So, I leave you with this photo of TOOTHLESS Amy...


  1. I remember when mine lost their first tooth...the joy of the mouse bringing money - now its my grandchildren who will be losing their first tooth...how old I feel.

  2. A very brave and tough little girl you have there.

  3. So sweet.

    My eldest used to write a letter to the toothfairy.

    You must take her to see The Toothfairy - it is showing at cinemas now - she will absolutely love it considering she has experienced the tooth fairy for real!

  4. Awww! They grow up sooooo fast don't they? I remember when mine lost their first teeth......

  5. Far to cute Sophs - love the fairy dust idea, gonna have to remember that one ;-)

  6. Congratulations!!!! ♥ Wow!!! what a brave big girl you have!!! Enjoy this season.... it passes by so quickly.


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