28 December, 2009

My {SCRAP} Space is ready for 2010...

HOw about you, I can feel it will be a busy year ahead...

So, I decided it was time to gte my space all tidy and ready to take on 2010 and all it offers.

Seeing, that I do not have my very own room, where I can close the door and just leave things as they are. I thought let me add another table and move things around.

This was I also create a little area where Amy can do her creative thing, if she feels like.

This is the BEFORE PHOTOS...

These are the AFTER PHOTOS...

Do I look motivated or what!!!


  1. Wow, what a transformation.
    I also love the pink and white shelving unit.
    So inspiring.

  2. Wow, what a difference.

    Love the pink - altho i cannot see you having anything other colour theme in your scrap space!

    May you have many happy and inspirational scrapping moments in here.

  3. Looks great! You are ready for the New Year! Trying to do the same!!!

  4. Wow this looks super S!! you got some free time to come up and see to mine??? ;-)

  5. Well done, Sophs ... ummm ... see you here at 10am to work on mine????

  6. I love those pink buckets/baskets.

    Looks great. If you are anything like me it will look all messed up after the first crop:)

  7. Looks great......happy scrapping!!!


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