26 December, 2009

Christmas has come & gone...

I feel quite happy that it is all over...way too stressful, making sure everything runs smoothly!

Morning started bright and early for me with Chloe waking me up at 5h45, I told her, do you think Father Christmas has come, then she runs off to Amy's room saying..."wakey, wakey, Amy, wakey, wakey", too sweet...

Murray and I grab the camera and video and head downstairs to see if Santa had come. Too the girls surprise, Santa and the reindeer's had left footprints behind, eaten the carrots, milk and cookies.

The fun started with opening of their presents, just seeing their little faces light up as they opened their gifts made it all worthwhile.

We then headed off to Murray's folks for Christmas lunch and more presents...

It was a great day, now to relax until New Years eve...

Hope you all had a good one and got spoilt!!!


  1. Has that Singing Santa from Woolies not driven you completely round the bend yet?

    I'm going to be dreaming of Jingle Bells for the next while.

    Lovely pics.

    And yes, whilst i'm glad the hectic part is over i'm loving having my family here with me.

  2. I have to say that I am also relieved it's over ... too much - too much food, too much money spent ....

    BUT ...

    had loads of fun spending time with family ... which is, of course, what it's all about ...

    NOW ... the NEW YEAR starts - resolutions ... resolutions ... resolutions ... sigh ...

  3. Its always heart warming to see the delight on the little one's faces when Santa has paid a visit. Wishing you a wonderful and happy 2010.
    PS: Everything of the best with your great resolutions.

  4. LOVE all the photos Sophia... Looks like a FABULOUS day was had by all!

  5. SUPER Sweet photos! Glad to hear your family had a fabulous Christmas!


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