05 October, 2009

Murray gave us a scare...

Murray had been complaining about migraine type headaches last Tuesday went to Doc on the Wednesday and  gave him some meds, but did not help. He went back on Thursday and said it could be Encephalitis (not what I wanted to hear...), gave him an injection for the pain and put up a drip. When I got to the clinic his headache was still not gone. So, seeing I was there to drive him back she gave him something stronger and it seemed to work for a while. She took blood tests to see what it is exactly...

Rushed Murray back to our GP on Friday, as his migraine headaches things still was not going away with the strong medication and he vomited them all out too...

GP had gotten the blood tests results back which was said it was viral infection on the brain...not sure if it meant Encephalitis! She phoned a neurologist at our hospital and he got admitted.

Took more blood for testing, took him to have a brain scan and might have needed a lumber-punch. By 6pm we still had not heard a thing and they had put his drip up with sleeping meds, so there was no point in me staying...

Got the results on Saturday saying the brain scan came back clear, was so relieved. He was still in hospital on meds and antibiotics which seem to be working as he is feeling a lot better. Doc said he will not know which type of viral infection it is unless he does a lumber-bunch, which he does not want to rush into just yet. So, for now all is going well...and my sweet darling, hubby is back home with us as of today...

Therefore, the lack of forums and blog posts of late...sorry!


  1. So glad Murray is feeling much better and is home again!

  2. Glad Murray is home and on the mend. Not nice when loved ones get sick and you don't know what it is.

  3. So glad he's home. Prayers that he gets better and stay that way!!!

  4. So sorry to hear about Murray, but relieved to hear he is at home again and recovering.


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