26 August, 2009

How Sad

This weekend marked the sign that there will be NO MORE BABIES in our house...sniff, sniff

We took down the cot that both Amy & Chloe got to sleep in as babies...

The security gate from our doorway upstairs came down too, as Chloe can now manage on her own, we no longer need to squeeze through a tiny space to get to our bedrooms...

As sad as I feel, I think it's great, as we now move into the next phase of toddlerhood and life will start to get a little better and easier.

Now, we need to start the potty training...could be fun!


  1. Oh no...you should have another...maybe a little boy.

  2. That's exciting!

    No more nappies, no more bottles!

    I love the age my little one is (3 1/2), she is so independent.

    much easier than the baby phase.

    enjoy it.

  3. Enjoy the freedom that comes with this phase and think one day you'll have some grandkids to enjoy!!! or you could help out a friend and baby sit... at least when the going gets tough, you can hand them back!!!

  4. I feel your pain sweetheart. My baby started school Monday and I've been a wreck. I have a friend who once told me that, eventhough we think this is the best phase of life, the next one will come with a new sweet taste - just different. Have a wonderful week and know that life is good:)

  5. As a door closes so does another open in the chapters of our lives. Relish all the moments as they are precious and fleeting.

  6. LOL - well you could have another one!


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