09 March, 2009

Some weekend catch up

This is how my hubby came home on Friday night, after a few drinks from the pub...

Of course, now my mind was racing like a speed train, thinking what the FLIP, possessed you to do such a thing...

Was it the effects of the alcohol or sheer stupidity?

But, none of the above...

It was the Shavathon for CANCER and he did it for his late sister Karen, who died of bone marrow cancer.

I'm am so PROUD of your honey, but please...discuss this with me in future...I must say, he does not look bad at all!

Saturday, Tracy came over to scrap a bit, seeing that Amy had gone to Murray's folks for the weekend.

Sunday, was spent at Murray's folks swimming and relaxing around the pool.

Look how big my baby is getting...how sad!

I took part in some fun challenges over at The Shaker Box Crop this weekend, and even won me a few scrap items...YAY, gotta always love that! Here are just a few of the items I made...

I hope yours was a great one.


  1. Lovely cards you made. Looks like you had a great week-end. I did too, check out my blog.

  2. Murray looks great with no.1 hairstyle and its was definitely for a good cause ... so don't be too harsh on him. I am glad to see you were able to get yourself a little stand. Love your creations. That Chloe is a real sweetie pie and her hair has grown so long. Enjoy them while they still small. Hugs from Desire

  3. Lovely cards! Well done! Murray did do it for a good cause..... Well done!!

  4. My brother also died of multiple myeloma...Well done on your winnings ;-)


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