03 March, 2009


Hello Durban Ladies.

I got a phone call from Glenda in Joburg today, with some feedback as to the International conference in May...see this post about details.

Some of you commented that you were not happy about the last outcome due to goody bags being not up to scratch, and lots of other bad negativity etc.

Firstly, surely we do not attend the conference for what goody bags we get. As she informed me, that most of the stuff in there is sponsored products that get donated which is normally old stock etc...we are there to meet the talent and and learn new ideas and techniques, but each to their own.

She tried to inform me that things have changed about with regard to the the goody bags, You no longer will be getting one, but instead will get a gift which will include product that matches for a kit to create LOs...no mismatch stuff. They will get local teachers to design some LOs with that product, giving us a variety of ideas to use the product.

On offer for lucky draws during the course of the day will be the following:-

Big Shot
Epson Printers
Lots more...

You never know, you might go home with one of these babies...

As for the teachers...

Tim Holtz is going to wow us with his awesome techniques and how to use his great product, which I for one have been wanting to know a lot more about.

As for the Making Memories, we will be doing 2 different kits with 2 different product lines, which is apparently from their new range...so this should be great.

I know some of you know of this conference, and some don't...Please helps us spread the word out there for Scrappers to come and join us for a fun day...

Cape Town and Joburg have responded well, so let us show them that Durban can do just as great too in supporting these conferences, otherwise next year they will give us a miss...!


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  2. Whoopsie - didn't starve for 3 years...only 3 days...but still...got pretty hungry,lol!

  3. This year will be my first convention. Maybe my opinion does not count, but I am realy looking forward to learning from Tim, and as materials that are used for the projects are included plus food I feel OK about the price. A goodie bag would be a bonus, but it won't change my mind.

  4. Yeah I have also booked and paid my {husband's} hard-earned rands ... I was a little disappointed last year - not too stressed about the goodie bag - that is a bonus - BUT did feel we could have received more product for the classes - (some were fantasticly generous) especially at the price we paid ...

    However, having said that, we all know how expensive scrapbooking products are and that the world is in a recession SO stuff is expensive - so is postage as those of us who order online from USA sites can verify - hell, sometimes the postage is more than the value of the goods and then I have always had to pay Customs - truly - it gets even more expensive so for the manufacturers overseas to sponsor products costs a fair amount of money ...

    I enjoy chilling with my girlfriends and learning a thing or two as well as meeting some fantastic people like Margie and Celine and Becky and Tracy and Faye and Heidi and Stacy and Donna and Karen and Jenni and Kelly and Rachel and Kah-Mei and Rebecca and ... and gosh I could go on for a while ... I have honestsly got something from each and every one the ladies I have met - even if it was just a warm fuzzy feeling ...

    Looking forward to Tim's classes - I think he will bring some fantastic techniques to us - after all, learning a new technique every so often is a serious plus - ooohh .... glimmer mist and other cool stuff here I come ...

    Love, Tracy G


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