27 February, 2009

Have you {READ} this?

Looks like our FAB CK MAG is in trouble, and it makes me mad....As hubby renewed my subs for a year in December, hope I get them all, before anything major happens.

Let's be positive that they can pull through...I hope!

I would miss not getting my monthly mag of inspiration, and you?


  1. Ouch!!! Yest another one going down the tubes it seems.... hope their measure to stay afloat work. Just read on their new blog about the October 2009 calls so you should hopefully get your mag up until then if nothing. I'm STILL waiting for my Time and About mag.... looks like they've also gone under.

  2. Hmmm, just like TIME & ABOUT. Still waiting for my magazines. They offered back copies to make up the remainder of my subscription and it has taken since December 2008 to send them to me. Their phones don't get answered and nor do e-mails and when they do then they have the story that they have so many to deal with and will get there!!!

  3. This is a Public Service...please check out this site and pass on the word.

    Frankie and Making Memories For You must come DOWN!


  4. hey!!! thanks girl!! ^_^
    I heard about ck mag - so sad to hear...

  5. Wondering if I will ever see my layouts from Time & About. Me also a CK subscriber - have read lots about it on the internet - seems like bad management. Content is great. Have a challenge for you on my blog ;-)


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