11 February, 2009


How many of you use it and find it useful...because I for one, could not live without mine. It is my sure way of keeping updated with my blogs I follow, when they create a new post. Instaed of having to go to the blog and see whether they have posted or not...

SUCH A TIME SAVER, to say the least!

For all you first timers out there, here is the link to get you going...

Once you create your account and get in, click on Goodies Tab at the top, then scroll till you see Subscribe As You Surf, VERY, VERY useful tool and add it to your bookmarks tab.

I hope this little bit of useless information, will be useful to you.


  1. Yes, I am using mine and I agree a huge time saver!!

  2. After finding google reader I use nothing else.... makes like soooooooooooo much easier.

  3. I use mine and have to agree, I would not be able to follow blogs any other way.


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