13 February, 2009

Friday the 13th

Do you consider it a lucky day for you or not?

I guess this year it is a lucky day for me, as I won a prize over at the 2CroppinCousinz before they closed down their site...you can see my name up in lights here...

Then, I signed up for a 3 month Sister Swap over at Scrapbook.Com and here is my first goody bag I got...loving all that bling!

I am also part of a Queen of the Month swap too, where each month they choose one person that we have to spoil. It is very hard to get into this swap, so I was glad when she gave me the nod...cannot wait till it's my month, for spoiling, should be fun.

Enjoy your Friday and don't walk under any ladders. I got a busy, crafty weekend coming up and Amy will be at Murray's folks for the weekend.

Sorry, for posting this so late...but the Westville exchange was down and has a huge fault problem, so our internet line is up and down....Grrr


  1. Oh wow, what a wonderful stash of goodies!! Enjoy creating.

  2. Wow - what a huge stash collection - should definitely have those creative juices flowing ;-)


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