20 February, 2009

For a worthy cause

Head on over to Pinky's blog...

She is collecting donations of cards, money etc to send to Ellie's family. I know I will be sending something to try and make things easier for them.

Here is her address:-

Cristal Hobbs
448 Drexel CT
TN 37128

All I can say is that Ellie was the same age as my daughter, Amy and I don't know how I would feel, if something ever happened to her.

I held my girls very tightly tonight before their bedtime, just to let them know how much I love them.


  1. I think that is where my heart lies too, my son is just 5. I can only imagine the devastation she must feel. Thanks for posting this. I figure even if it is 100.00 or 200.00(we have 80.00 now) then it will be something.
    I posted my address on my blog as well if anyone needs it.
    (Hope no one tries to use it negatively at a time like this)

  2. Oh boy what a heart wrenching story! To lose a child must be the most difficult thing. The are fortunate to have their faith to get them through this. TFS!


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