24 February, 2009

Book now...

Before it is way, too late...

Come on Durbanites, every year we moan and complain that it costs us a huge fortunate to get up to Joburg to attend the International Scrapbookex Conference.

This year, being the first and I hope many more to come...Louise has brought it down to Durban.

Saving you...

Giving you more money to shop with...

BUT, this is a huge BUT...it is not being well supported, why not ladies, we ask and she listened.

Who does not want to meet TIM HOLTZ in person, I know I do...HOW ABOUT YOU?

Hope to see you all there!


  1. I have booked!!! So there will be 2 of us!!! Isn't it amazing how people moan that nothing comes to Durban and when it does, no one supports it!!!! Come on KZN!!!! Lets see you all there!

  2. I am not attending for a number of reasons that I'd like to share.

    Firstly, the economy - so many of us are facing really tough times at the moment and scrapbooking conventions are no longer just a luxury, they have become an impossible extravagance. I simply cannot afford it.

    Having said that however, I have to say that R1650 for what essentially amounts to a few hours is outrageous! The price keeps going up and we seem to get less and less for our money. I was hugely disappointed in last year's expo and came home feeling like I'd been taken for a complete ride and that my money would have been far better spent on supplies of my choosing at my LSS.

    Lastly, I cannot understand the fixation with so-called international celebrity teachers. I have yet to attend an international class that has inspired me or taught me as much or been as entertaining as one of our very own much loved homegrown scrapbookers. Perhaps if Louise stops overlooking the enormous talent we have right here on our own doorstep in favour of overhyped, very expensive overseas presenters she might get more support for her events. I know I am not alone in my thinking here.

    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts.


  3. I have to agree with Jenny on most of the above. I do intend on coming but can't splash the cash just yet with the booking. Last year's convention was a huge disappointment & I am yet to have my layouts published or returned to me. Despite coming 2nd I received absolutely nothing, not even a certificate of recognition & no-one even knew who was placed as she never called any names. We got a goody bag of rubbish last year & some of those "celebrities" didn't even work full-time in the industry, just part time in the local scrap shop. It was an appalling event last year & Louise is not one of my favourite people. Totally unsupportive of local talent. I can't resist meeting Tim Holtz though & hope, God willing, that I will be able to attend this year's convention & get to meet him, aswell as you & Tracy & other local blogger/scrappers.

  4. I ordered the Cocoa Daisy kit on my own in the end as I'm really in need of some new scrapping mojo. I was going to e mail you soon to ask if you want to be involved in the next order for March as, if I get 4 other people involved we get the kits 20% cheaper (USD26) & each pay postage of USD8 so in total we each would pay USD34, which equates to R340, which is excellent value compared to the kit club here that charges R320 per month for local paper/Chinese no-name brands. LMK ;-)


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