18 January, 2009

Who would have thought

That {PARIS HILTON} would be interested in Scrapbooking.

Go read about it here...like as if she does not have enough on her plate to keep her busy...


  1. I pity the people at CHA... imagine the crowds surrounding Paris... hehe... okay so it might be good for business too.

  2. Apparently she just provided the funding for the project...did you read that Katie Holmes is a scrapper & spends R30 000 on stash every month? Know I know why she married Tom Cruise ;-)

  3. Hee hee Paris Hilton....well, she certainly has lots to scrap about!

  4. Who would've guessed but I see that Helen has the lowdown - she has enough money to keep scrapping alive here in SA - should we call her???

    Love, T


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