14 January, 2009

Weekend at my folks

Last weekend the girls and I went up to stay at my folks and spend time with them, before Amy goes back to school.

I also wanted to see my friend Natalie's new baby boy...LUKE. He was born last Tuesday and he is the sweetest little thing, I cannot believe my little Chloe is not that small anymore, how sad!

It felt great to hold such a little one again, don't worry I am not getting any ideas.

We all had a nice relaxing time and I even took my Mom shopping, even if we did not spend millions, it was nice for her to get out.

I have a lot on my plate for the weekend of the 24th Jan, as it will be Amy's birthday party, which is a Prince & Princess theme...any ideas for decor and games, please email me.

Chat to you all later.

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