07 January, 2009


Seeing that the Christmas Secret Sister was a huge success, I have had inquiries about another one, so here goes...

Free Love Note Generator


You will buy to the value of about R150.00 / $20.00 (excluding postage), as per your Secret Valentine's wishlist on her questionnaire (more or less). You will need to make a Valentine card to send with your parcel. You can add chocolates etc. You can wrap items all nicely in one box or each item individually, that is totally up to you.

I will take sign ups until the 11th Jan 2009 and you will all be emailed with your sister that you need to buy for. Parcels to be mailed by Friday the 1st Feb 2009 (more or less), so as to get there for Valentines Day.

Please email your questionnaire with the answers below to sophiaattheallisonsdotcodotza (Please copy the Questionnaire and type your answers under each question. So that I can see which answer is for which question).


1) Name & Surname?
2) What is your PET name?

3) Your postal address for parcel to be sent to?

4) Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day and how?

5) What was the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

6) What would you do with an entire day to yourself (no demands on your time)?

7) Do you have kids or not?

8) How romantic is your partner?

9) What is your favorite Valentine gift you have ever received? I.e. Chocolates, surprise dinner, flowers, weekend away"

10) What are your favourite colours?

11) What is your favourite Scrapbooking product?

12) What is your favourite Scrapbooking tool and why?

13) What is your favourite Scrapbooking brand name?

14) Do you subscribe to a Scrapbooking magazine and which one?

15) What is your most favorite room in your home and why?

16) What are the Scrapbooking items you don’t want to receive?

17) Your Scrapbooking wishlist items.

18) What is your favourite time of day and why?

19) Is your partner/husband very romantic?

20) What size do you scrapbook? Ie 12x12

21) What is the one item you have always wanted to use in Scrapbooking, but is too expensive?

22) Have you used textured papers? Ie. Suede, leather etc

At what age did you experience true love?

Hope to see you join us in the fun, spoiling is always such fun to do...


Thanks for stopping by, I love reading all your comments...♥