12 January, 2009

Proud Owner

Of my very 1st Kimmidoll...just thought I had to share my new addition to my Scrap room...

She is my very first Kimmidoll and she is adorable.

Here is a little bit about her...

Her name is AYAME and she symbolizes "GRATITUDE"

My spirit brings prosperity, happiness and fulfillment. You release my power by nurturing within yourself a spirit of appreciation. by valuing yourself, others and everything you have, you can enjoy a full and rewarding life.

Go read more about them here.

Off to go stare at her beauty again...


  1. Aww she is so cute and the perfect colour for your room! Enjoy her.

  2. Almost forgot, is it okay that I added your blog to my favorite links?

  3. Mmm ... I can see another addiction sticking its head out ... enjoy her. Hugs from Desire

  4. Glad you've joined the Kimmidol Club....Ayame is gorgeous and is my favourite!...I have her on my keyring, and i also have a "Nanami" coffee mug - she brings wisdom and clarity...hmm...just what one needs from a coffee mug for the office!....LOL!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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