31 January, 2009

Have a good reason for being {MIA}

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Sorry that I have been away, but on Tuesday night on the way to my In laws for dinner I started with some major sharp pains in the lower abdomen on the right. So, we dropped the girls off and hubby rushed me off to Umhlanga hospital...promise was not trying to get out of visiting my In laws.

First I thought it was a bladder infection similar to what I got a year ago, just after Chloe's birth.

After 4 attempts and me looking like a pin cushion, they managed to find a vein good enough. They did some blood tests which showed I had an infection. That kept kept me overnight for observation, to make sure sure nothing developed further. The pain had not gone away by morning. Doctor had them do a CT Scan, which showed them my appendix was very inflamed.

They booked me in for surgery at lunchtime, all went well. Got this beautiful long cut closed with staples. Sure not looking forward to next Wednesday morning, when they remove them. If I can, will try to get a photo, at the moment it is covered with a waterproof dressing, which needs to stay on.

Finally got back home today, to rest and get better. Will be off work for a while, till the Doc gives me the all clear.

Just want to THANK my wonderful hubby, Murray, he has been a star with the kids and taking care of them.

Sure have missed all my friends here. Great to be back and hope to get back into the swing of things soon.


  1. So sorry to hear that...hope you will make a full recovery soon :-)

  2. Oh my oh my. You take care of yourself! Hope you heal quickly. Get well soon!!!

  3. Had wondered where you were....hope you up and about soon....although enjoy the rest while you can, as a mom of two young children you deserve it :-)


  4. Ouch. That sounds so painful. I hope you recover quickly.

  5. Ouch, it must have been sore, but I am so glad that you managed to get to a good doctor immediately who could identify the exact problem.

    Not like Conroy whose doctor said he had baby colic and he will be fine, just having his appendix leaking the very next day and having to be flown, via an emergency charter flight, back from Botswana to SA and nearly wasn't here with us today.

    Look after that wound that sounds huge to have been stapled together. Thinking of you. Lots of hugs from Desire

  6. Glad that "all's well that ends well".... and well done to Murray for keeping things together! He is a STAR of a husband and father, hold onto him!

    Tons of love, hugs and kisses all the way from Oz,
    Al xoxoxoxox

  7. Sophia; nice to see you back online; take care; just relax and recover quickly; Scrapping is not forbiden by the way

  8. Glad to hear all is well. Hope you get better soon. Tip for when walking, hold your cut and you can walk upright - helps with the healing process.

  9. Get lots of rest, Sophia! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. all the best with the recovery... I've had mine out (years ago) so know just what you're going through... not nice. Give Murray a huge hug for stepping in so capably.

  11. Thinking of you & hoping you're on the mend!
    Look after yourself & take it easy my friend :o)
    {I agree with Nathalie about the scrapping ;o)}

  12. Oh it sounds yuk! I hope you are better & recovering well. Take it easy now!!! No marathons now or anything!

  13. I'm so glad you are on the upside to getting better!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

  14. I'm so glad you are on the upside of getting better!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!! :)


  15. Sorry to hear about your surgery, hope you're feeling better. Great blog, your dd's are so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog, have a great day!


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