07 December, 2008

What a weekend...

Thought it was never going to end...

It has been non-stop since Friday night till today.

Friday, was our Annual Christmas dinner Dance at the Westville Country Club. Theme was Black and Silver and stupid me, could not resist these oh so beautiful shoes (that killed me later in the evening), to finish off my outfit. A woman is never quite complete, until you have all the finishing touches...
Please Ladies, anyone of you out there who wear heels please tell us the secret to not having any sore feet. How do the Rich & Famous do it??? Any tips would be most welcome...

Saturday, Denise came for dinner and to sit and make some Christmas cards. You did well girl, 12 cards is not bad going.

As for Sunday (today), we all went to Kiara's 3rd birthday party at Umhali. The weather started out to be slightly overcast, but later changed into the most perfect day.

First half of the party, we spent it in the pool, playing and swimming, Chloe loved it and was so excited.

Kiara got to open her one present which was her playhouse, Amy & Chloe got invited to have a cupcake in there with her, too sweet.

After lunch, we all headed across the road to the beach, the water was superb. Amy played in the tide pool (until she stubbed her toe, then she sulked), and Chloe loved playing in the sand, flicking it into the air...she thought this was most amusing.

Headed back to the pool area for birthday cake and songs, then it was all over.

Both the girls dozed off on route back home.

Got a little sunburn, but it was worth spending the day out in the fresh air.

Off to relax with a glass of red wine, catch up on some series...Prison Break, is so exciting at the moment (sorry Candice, but I could not help myself).

Also need to catch up on my Grey's & Private Practice.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend.


  1. Great pictures! You were very busy!!

  2. Can't believe how quick the girls are growing. Two beautiful bambinos you've got there. Enjoy every moment with them.

  3. Sure looks like you all had a really great time. Stunning pictures.

  4. Love your shoes, Chick - I believe that we need to wear a delicious pair of shoes every so often even if they kill our feet for that short time - makes us feel SEXY, no?

    Love your pics at the beach ... girls are even more gorgeous every time I see them - you and Murray make beautiful babies ... tee hee ...

    Love, Tracy


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