31 December, 2008

What a Great Day...

...to end the year off with nothing but ourselves and beautiful butterflies fluttering around us.

We decided to take the girls to the Butterfly Farm in Pietermaritzburg. I have heard of this place from a few of my friends, but never got round to doing so...finally, we did.

It was so serene and peaceful being in the closed off area, with sounds of rippling water with fish in them, cooing of doves and chirping of birds, BUT most of all was the beautiful butterflies...these little creatures are truly God's beautiful creation to the last detail on their wings.

My absolute fav...

Glass Butterfly from South America, look how perfect god created this...

We missed such a kodak moment, when one decided to land on Chloe's nose, but it happened so fast, that by the time Murray got the camera (that was on Makro) swung around it fluttered off...

Can you spot the butterfly...

Amy was not convinced that butterflies DO NOT BITE, we kept telling her they are like little fairies flying in and out amongst us...but she was not too keen, every time one came close enough she hid by us.

Oh, well it was nice to go there, regardless of whether she enjoyed it or not.

Here are a few pics, from Murray who acted like the paparazzi for a change!

What a perfect day...


  1. That is a place I have been wanting to go to for a while now - will definitely have to make the trip. Your photos are stunning!

  2. what a wonderful way to spend the day ~ beautiful photos chickie

  3. Gorgeous pics and it looks like an awesome day was had.

  4. Awesome photos. God in all his majesty has bestowed some of His glory here for us to see... thanks for sharing these.

  5. It looks like you all had a wonderful outing. The pics are gorgeous. Years ago I had quite a few of the same finch in your pic. They were always so chirpy and they even bred in the little cage I had for them. Everything of the best of 2009. Hugs from Desire


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