21 December, 2008

Trimmed the tree

Finally, managed to get all the decorations out and trimmed our tree.

Tried to go round taking random snaps of the decor around the house, just to give you an idea.

The tinsel decorations on the tree is supposed to be pinky, but seems to come out purple in the photos...oh well, you get the just of it.

Enjoy putting up your decorations, not long to go till SANTA arrives down our chimney.


  1. looks lovely. really love the reindeer and sleigh! too cute! can't believe it's only 4 more days!!!!

  2. How divine are your reindeer & sleigh? I'd never want to put them away!

  3. Now I say ... the Allisons' home is real festive and I am sure Santa won't miss that pinkly decorated tree ... he will be slippig down the chimney delightfully! Hugs from Desire


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