06 December, 2008


It is amazing how we make up these wishlists, only to oogle and drool over items that we think will satisfy the soul...

Who am I kidding, I am sure these pretty eye candy items will REALLY make me happy.

I know the budget does not allow for this one, but a girl sure can dream...I mean drool!

What every girl wants, to be pampered.

Always have to smell beautiful for your Man.

Nothing better than blogging on your PINK laptop.

For my dream Scrap Room one day.

Heartfelt music for the soul.

Light hearted reading.

Just for those special nights out.
Now that my complete family is done, I so deserve this.

More or less on these lines, but PINK and pretty.

That's my list in a nutshell...DREAM, DREAM, DREAM!!! I promise Santa, I have been really good...!!!


  1. Okay...I'm with you on the car, the spa (a massage would be nice!)and the scrappy room! Merry Christmas, may all your wishes come true!

  2. Ooooh, I love that bag ... and the scraproom ... and the pink laptop ... sigh ... wishing is good - it's like setting goals ...

    Love, T

  3. Am holding thumbs that you get at least two items on your wishlist!

  4. OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!
    A pink sportscar, be still my beating heart :o)
    Sophs, this is my kind of list, love all your choices but you're gonna have to get in line for that laptop Sweetpea!
    Here's to hoping & wishing & dreaming...

  5. Wow.. I love that pink sport car! Now if you like pink laptop, you should visit our blog ;-)


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