24 October, 2008


By my lovely BLOG designer Gisele...

So, you want to know "7 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME"

Okay here goes...

I was feeling very light headed and dizzy a month ago that the Doc diagnosed me with HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, so now I have to take tablets for it everyday.
I love to watch Grey's Anatomy & Prison Break, they are my fav series shows. I start to get withdrawal symptoms when I don't have the next episode to watch.

My favourite food is anything PASTA, I should have married and Italian (only kidding), love my hubby too much.

I seem to be very clingy with CHLOE of late, purely because I know she is my last baby, I really don't want her to grow up...I know, it is selfish of me.

I am addicted to SCRAPBOOKING, I think I can eat, drink and sleep it, if I was given half the chance. I feel like I need to get all the tools and products out there, just as well, I am not rockafella, as I think I would be flat broke.

I can CRY very easily at just about anything that affects me emotionally...Murray thinks I am so silly when I cry in a movie (that sometimes is even an animated one).

I really miss my folk's COOKING, wish they lived closer to us.

That's about it, and now I am off to tag the following bloggers:


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  1. hehehe... I know you've had this a few times now... but you're on my tag list too. Check out my blog!


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