06 October, 2008

My New Baby

No, not a real baby, but this one below...

Woke up yesterday morning to go and check out my emails and while trying to read them my screen went black and started to flash, then I could smell something burning. Shouted for Murray to come downstairs to check and after much investigation, he said my screen had burnt out.
Just as well it happened while I was watching it, imagine if it happened during the night, could have started a fire...OMG!!!

You know, there is never a dull moment at the "Allison's" abode...lol

So, later that morning he took me shopping and we got my NEW SCREEN. It's a BENQ and I have gone from a 19" to a 22", don't need my reading glasses for this one...it is a beauty!!!

Thanks, HUN, I love it...yes I know, it is my early Christmas present, but a much needed one...


  1. Mmm ... its all that burning of the midnight candle whilst scrapping that made your screen burn out ... just teasing, enjoy your new baby toy.

  2. What a beauty! I'm sure you'll have such fun playing with her!!! Enjoy!

  3. Hey, we just got a new one too--am loving the bigger screen. Just a note to tell you I got a package today...my dd says, Mom you got something from South Africa! Love my little RAK goodies, am thinking right now what to do with it all...it's going to go a long way! Thanks again for your birthday present to me...hope you're adjusting to 40 ok! :)

  4. Definitely way too much time on the net - poor thing was overworked and underpaid ... tee hee ...

    Now take good care of your new screen - tell it how much you love it everyday ...

    You lucky girl!!!

    Love, Tracy


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