10 October, 2008

My 2 Girls in Cot

I caught Amy playing in Chloe's cot again, just as well it is strong enough to hold the both of them...

P.S. This is me trying my FLIP video, need to see how to convert it into movies with words and music etc...

Long road ahead of me...


  1. Too cute. Enjoy the time with them. it passes too quickly. I know it seems like a LOOOOOONG time, but it flies in a blink of an eye!

  2. How cute are they????

    Such good quality of video - pity our bandwith (or whatever) makes the video so slow .... quite annoying - come on gadget/it guru, find us something to fix this .... tee hee ...

    Thanks so much for organising the flips - and by the way, when you have mastered yours (movies 'n all), I'm coming for a lesson - how lazy is that???? Just teasing ....

    Enjoy, chick!!

    Love, Tracy

  3. Cool new toys you have...& in pink! How did you manage that? Watching video clips is our family's fav thing to do...I know yours will love it too.


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