20 October, 2008

Fun weekend

Here is Big M standing proud next to his new baby, I think it really suits his image better...

Saturday I spent the day at Ellie's as it was her Birthday Scrapping party and we had loads of fun.

With Laurie Glenny, our teacher who taught us 2 LOs, the first one consisted of 4 booklets in total, but with me me not being the booklet type on pages, I adjusted mine to a flatter image, the second one is almost complete, just need to add journaling and will upload soon.

Thanks Ellie for a lovely day, the lunch and teas were suberb.

Sunday, we went to Shakas Rock to Siggies (a German restaurant) for lunch with Murray's folks and Aunt. The food was great and a super little restaurant, I would recommend you book, as it got very busy.

On the way back Amy wanted to sit in the baclk of the car, and this is her fast asleep in Chloe's pram, too sweet.

By the time we got back, I fed, bathed Chloe put her to bed and came to lie down for a while...somehow I doozed off and woke up at about 9pm to find Murray also fast asleep next to me. I went around the house switching lights off and locked up. Came back to bed and slept till about 5h30am, when Chloe woke us up...I guess my body was telling me it wanted a time out.

I just wanted to share some pics of the girls and the last 2 some of you might have seen them, but I thought they were real cute to share again.

Chat again, soon.


  1. Love M's new ride. Such sweet photos of the babies!!

  2. Oh your girls are soooo cute ... I just love the pic of Amy asleep in the back of the car ....

    That is one gorgeous car - you're right - Murray looks good next to his new baby !!!!

    Love, Tracy

  3. Congrats with your new beautiful wheels. I am sure the whole family will enjoy all the classy rides. Wishing you many happy and safe kilometres in it.

  4. Love the new car. Big M looks so proud standing next to his new wheels...... Enjoy!!! You'll have to take a drive up here sometime and give it a test drive..... see if your scrap stuff can fit inside!

  5. Great car! your hubbie must be in bloke heaven!!!
    I love the pic of Amy sleeping in the back....so sweet. Shows you just how big the boot really is hey!
    Your girls are adorable!!

  6. Boys and their toys - enjoy.

    Amy looks so cute asleep in the pram at the back - she is going to have fun in this car.

    Ellie looked like she got totally spoilt - glad you all had a great day


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