05 September, 2008

Wishing all of you

PA & Secretaries

With my Boss being in Joburg today, we got spoilt a little early.

Don't we all love us some Ferro Rocher chocs...
Enjoy your day!


  1. wow! i love your profile. it's so cute coz it's so PINK!

  2. Oh yummy you lucky girl!!!

    I miss secretary's day now that I no longer work - well, going to buy me my own Secretary's Day gift ... right now!!! Just kidding - I sound like a spoilt brat ... tee hee ...


    Love, Tracy

  3. Now how did you know that those are also my very very favourite chocs. Enjoy.

  4. I thought secretaries day was wednesday. Anyway all the secretaries at hubbies work got spoilt on wed. Maybe durbs does it differently!! ha-ha. Enjoy the chocs. maybe you should save it for the plane trip next fri am. I think we will all need something to enjoy!
    Tracy - there's nothing wrong with buying your own secretaries day gift. I did that on Wed and thanked hubby for it as I am also his PA - without me he would be LOST!!!!

    Whatever the day - have a great one!!!!

  5. Hi there, I was blog surfing and found your site! I had fun looking around, your children are gorgeous! And I am loving your LO's!! Thanx, Anne

  6. I love your new blog look...she did such a FAB job!...& it is so cool & twinkly with all the blinkies.

    I love choccies too!
    Hope you had a great, unstressed day!

  7. One of my favourite chocolates!! I also got spoilt on Wednesday with a huge bunch of flowers and coffee made for me by my boss!!

    Every woman is a secretary in one way or another - as the saying goes behind every man is a woman sorting out all the other things for him!


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