16 September, 2008

Weekend Recap...

FRIDAY – 12th September

Jenny, Jacqui and I had a nice flight to Joburg with no problems, just a very nervous flyer sitting next to Jenny across the aisle, who asked if she did not mine holding her hand during takeoff, but once she got her glass of wine, she seemed to be very relaxed!!! Jen got the low down on her whole family and even an invite to tea (so, Jen…are you going).

Once we arrived in Joburg, we found our driver who was picking us up…signposted and all. We patiently waited for the kombi to meet us at the curbside, which seemed to take a while, as they were waiting for other passengers too. Finally got picked up and had to go to the International side of the airport to pick up another passenger, which happened to be a woman form Zambia, also attending the conference. She latched onto Jenny and talked her ear off…(Jen, I think you have done all your good deeds for the month)..lol

Finally arrived at our hotel, but could not check in. So, we checked our luggage into the concierge and took a stroll down to Sandton Shopping Centre…oh, wow, what a centre it has so many shops!!!

We had a late breakfast, come early lunch at a bread bakery etc, all I can say to die for...

Strolled around a little bit of the centre, bought a few things. By the time we got back to the hotel room, it was time to check in and unpack…thank goodness.

We then headed to the Conference centre to register for the weekend and hand in my LO for the competition. Did a bit of browsing at the shop and we all 3 bought this divine PINK cutting mat (sorry Tracy, but it was the last 3). I think this was my best investment all weekend. It has cms and inches on it.

These are just some of the art displays that people made for the Fantasy Paper Display. They sure did put some long hours into it.

The beautiful castle below, was made by Cathy...you did a great job.

This was our Goody bag we got, could have had a bit more in it…hehehe

Tracy finally arrived at the hotel, they ended up at the other sister hotel…and I thought they had a GPS onboard…??? What's up with that girl...???

After that we headed across the road to a restaurant, come pub called Marachinos (like the cherry) for a quick cocktail, as they were about to close…all I can say, my 1st attempt at a Mojito, not a good one, how sad!

Then it was time for dinner and we ended up at Nelson Mandela Square at a very lively Greek restaurant called “PAPPAS”. More cocktails being ordered and a lovely delicious dinner. We had live entertainment by a young girl doing the belly dancing with flames etc, and the patrons bought plates to break on the floor…we looked on quietly and enjoyed the whole Greek atmosphere…

Tracy, we tried to get a hold of you, but, no answer…!?!

Then, back to our hotel room to settle in for the night, to get a good start to the next day ahead.

Saturday – 13th September

Headed down for breakfast, then it was off to our 1st day at the conference. Had 4 x 2-hour classes with the following teachers below:-

Jennifer Straus - US (Around the Block)

After the day’s classes we made a mad dash for the hotel to get ready for the Gala evening. We went as the “DRAMA QUEENS” all dressed in jeans, white t-shirt and lilac accessories. The key-note speaker was Stacy Julian, and she delivered a very thought provoking and meaningful speech…it sure got me thinking and will look at things in a very different light, for sure…

Then it was time to eat…now to all those pudding lovers out there eat your heart out!!! There were all types of puddings you could think of, but I was good and only had 2 things…promise!!! All I can say is yum, yum, yummy!!

This is the lovely France from Mauritius, with her daughter Victoria. She is the one who donated my my wonderful kits to design with for MMFY...thanks France!

Caught up with Jacki, who I met thru her blog…so glad we met in person, feels like I have known you forever now…lol BIG thanks, for bringing my CUTTLEBUG all that way, it is much appreciated…

Sunday – 14th September

Early breakfast, then check our luggage back in at the concierge, then back to the conference centre for another 4 x 2-hour class with the following teachers below:-

Kelly White - US (My Minds Eye)

Back to the hotel get our entire luggage and pack whatever final things, plus all our dangerous tools into our suitcases. Our driver was already there to take us to the airport; he did not even offer to help us load our luggage…how rude! He asked us did we want the long or short route to the airport. So, we all say short route…I think that was not a good idea, as he gave us a tourist trip thru Alexandra where all the Xenophobia took place…then, he proceeded to say it is safe to drive now, but not after 9 / 10pm…all I am saying is, he was weird!!!

Arrived at the airport in quick time and checked in, had dinner at the Wimpy as, we had a late flight home.

Finally, arrived home all safe and sound. Thanks Bruce (Jen’s hubby) for the lift, much appreciated. Dumped my stuff in my room and headed straight to bed.

All in all, we had a wonderful time with friends and others…just scrapping!!!

Will only load the LOs. once done...happy reading!


  1. Woo hoo girls, you certainly had a great time!! Love the new pink cutting mats - hope they bring out a purple one for me - he he he.

    The "Drama Queens" looked great and those paper displays are awesome!!

    Looking forward to seeing your layouts - so get scrapping, quickly!!

    Will definitely be there next year.

  2. Sure seems that you all had a great time with a little scrapping on the side.

  3. Hey Chick

    Your driver was sooooo weird - lucky you got to the Airport????? Spooky?????

    You gals looked gorgeous as "Drama Queens" ...

    Yeah, I loooong for a Pink Mat but, well ... online shopping here I come ...

    Plse tell Jen her Printer is all safe and sound and she can collect it when she is ready ...

    Ok, Chick - we need to hook up - get our {stuff} going .... Can come to you if it will be easier????

    I am so glad we had a good time and Pappas was a jol - even though I flaked out first night and had to sneak off second night ... tee hee ...

    Love, Tracy

  4. Thanks Sophs for a super funfilled weekend. Busy working on my blog with all the details too, but there seems to be so much to say. Maybe I'll take the short route and refer them to your blog.... ha-ha!!!! Pity we didn't get a pick of Jenny on the plane....

  5. You sure had lots of fun. Nice to see all the smiling pics.... and thanks for the comment re my castle... I really had fun making it! I saw you do your twirl on the stage as the drama queens but was a bit too far away (and foot sore) to come find you and say Hi! Sorry.

  6. Looks like you guys had a blast!
    Glad you are back safe & sound...look forward to seeing your class L.O's!

  7. jacki janse van rensburg18 September, 2008 13:56

    hey, there is me, on your blog! now your blog is beautiful... :-). nice post. i'm with jacqui - instead of doing all the hard work posting, i'll just link to you!

  8. I think you have a lot of fun!
    Greetings from


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