06 September, 2008

Up for {SALE}*********************SOLD!!!

to MICHELLE, that did not last very long...thank you!

I am selling this beautiful and very useful {CROP-A-DILE} tool for R150.00 (excluding postage if out of Durban), and it comes with the case...!!!

I totally forgot I had already ordered a PINK one a long time ago, which arrived not so long ago.

So please let me know if you are interested and we can talk further.

Off to get some much needed sleep, so that I can be ready to scrap and browse tonight.

See you all later.


  1. It's purple and it has my name written all over it!!!

    I will buy it - thanks Sophia. Will make a plan to get it from you.

  2. GASP>>> your blog looks fantastic!!!!!!!!! Isn't blogger the best? I am working with typepad for my class and there is really not even a CLOSE resemblance with how easy and user friendly blogger is. Let's remain bloggers for life ok!!!
    BFF!!! he-he.
    Thanks for helping me to get the word out. My heart is so filled with gratitude with the great response. I am really thankful!
    Kisses and cupcakes!


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