06 September, 2008

Lots of scrapping going on...

NOT! It is now 4am or so and Tracy and I are the only ones still going strong...

Tracy decided to invite herself for an all-nighter at my place...so with that said, I invited Ellie & Jenny too.

It was such a great opportunity, as Murray's folks have taken the girls for the WHOLE weekend. Bonus, should be catching up on much needed sleep, but SCRAPPING sounded far better don't you think....???

Anyways, better get back to my chair and scrap some more, before that sun decided to show it's face around here...

A {Girl} just has so much to do...


  1. Thanks, Sophs - it was great!!! I am still awake - now 8.07am - starting to feel tired so may go to sleep shortly.

    Sleep Tite.

    Love, Tracy

  2. He he he, sounds like you had a lot of fun.

    I hope to see the scrapping that was done please!!!


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