24 September, 2008

I Won, I Won

How cool, one of my challenges over at A Million Memories from the weekend, won me a prize.

Check it out...

I see most of the kit I won was Halloween themed stuff, will have to see what I can or cannot use.

Just glad I won...lol


  1. That's great, Sophia!! Well done!

  2. Mmm ... you are probably seeing the green glow here from Gauteng's side this morning. I am so pleased for you, enjoy all those yummy scrapping candy ...

  3. Congrats. I love prizes too.
    BTW we will be running a new challenge next month on www.journalingjunkie.blogspot.com 4 Lo's in 4 weeks and you're in with a chance. Only have 3 participants this month so the odds are great.

  4. How divine! Congrats! Looks like you'll all be dressed up for Halloween next year then :)

  5. Cool stash...well done! Aren't freebies the BEST!!


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