19 September, 2008

I got me 2 new toys

Well, I already have the one, which I got on the weekend at the conference, thanks Jacki for arranging to bring this along for me...

It is my CUTTLEBUG. I love it and I got the cut and emboss Butterfly die already...
I am so hoping to get to play a bit with it this weekend.

Then last night hubby said I could order this cute little baby...it is called the FLIP VIDEO, which will enable me to take vids of the girls etc and just plug it in via the USB connection and voila...I can upload directly to my blog, imagine the fun I will be having with this...and guess, what, it is PINK! I will have to wait a bit it on this one as it is coming from the US from a friend...hopefully not too long!
Off to drool some more.


  1. I got a pink Flip for my birthday & I LOVE it :o)
    Apart from looking totally zooty, it's one of the most user-friendly gadgets I have ever owned.

  2. Spoilt hey, enjoy your new toys.

  3. I'm just as green as that cute little cuttle bug!!! I want one too to make some of Jacki's cut butterflies! And I want a flip too! Your'e a lucky girlie Sophia! Enjoy playing with your new toys!


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