10 September, 2008

Does this explain...

...why I stay up till wee hours of the morning? The funny thing is...I can only get to doing all this when the girls are asleep in their beds, dreaming sweet little dreams.

Yes, I am a NUTTER, so what, it keeps me sane...!!!


  1. Your time will come whenyou have your own time.

    Been there, done that, now that my children are all grown up and one even left home to go to London, I can do what I want kinda when I want - for you, it is certainly something to look forward to.

    In the meantime, enjoy them and then the quiet at night to create!!

  2. Wow! & I thought I was busy....you top that hahaha!

    Are you all ready & excited about the convention?? Tomorrow right??
    Have a blast & keep the like of moi...down in CT posted of all the goings on OK. I know you'll probably have no time to blog over the weekend...but I look forward to Monday.

  3. My goodness, my head's spinning from just looking at that list!! No wonder you're up until the wee hours of the morning! Well done :)

  4. LOL! More like - "keepin you INsane!" I'd say! That's a whole lot of hay on your fork - and all self inflicted! Way to go girl - Wish I had your energy levels. I've been there, so I know - it's great to be up there! :)

    Enjoy the convention!


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