01 September, 2008

Beach Time

Had a fairly very lazy weekend at home. Murray and I potted around the house doing and fixing little jobs etc, like replacing a light bulb. Murray did some cementing in the courtyard - trying to fill up the cracks in between the paving...cannot wait till we can afford to pave all the way round our house, it would like so much better.

As for yesterday, it was a glorious day with not a cloud in the sky. After much nagging from Amy, Dad decided to take us down to the beach at Ushaka. It was little Chloe's first time there and she loved it...although I think she thought the water was a little too chilly for her; but she loved the sand squishing in her fingers.

As for Amy, this was the hightlight of the weekend for her...so wonderful to see our kids enjoying the simple things in life.

Here are some photos below...

Came home, after abit of fresh air and sunshine and felt relaxed to tackle my scrap projects and complete what was on my desk.

The weekends sure don't seem to last very long, just as you get into it...it's time to go back to work!!!

Oh well, here is to another week...


  1. I love those photos - gorgeous scrapping ops ...

    We are so lucky to live so close to the beach and to have such divine Winter weather (even this Winter which has been pretty chilly). It'll be even better now that Spring has sprung - beach here we come ...

    Love, Tracy

  2. You and Murray have got two beautiful bambinos there. Chloe is becoming a little girl ... can't believe how time just marches on.

  3. Those photos are just too precious! Bet you can't wait to scrap them! :)

  4. Oh, they are so cute. Can't believe how the girls are growing!!

  5. jacki janse van rensburg02 September, 2008 17:42

    oh, those are such beautiful photos!


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