03 September, 2008

{10} days and counting...

The countdown has begun...

In 10 days time I will be attending this awesome convention with International Scrapbooking Stars.

Jenny, Jacqui and myself fly up on Friday 12th Sep to Joburg and comeback on Sunday night, the 14th Sep.

I can just picture it...

Me Time - chill on my own, no babies and kids to look after.
Scrapbooking - what I love to do.
Eating - keep me away from decadent desserts on Saturday night crop.
Meeting celebrities - can this get any better.
Products - to complete 8 classes, plus awesome goody bags on arrival.
Dress Up - all I can say is {Drama Queen}.

This is one event of the year, that I so look forward to...


  1. Hey Chick

    OOOOHH I am also so excited - have missed two years but am really psyched for some "friend" time and looking forward to catching up with "old" friends and meeting "new".

    I am not dressing up - you guys are so good at that - you always make so much effort and look good to boot ... sigh ... I don't love to play dress up - maybe it's just my silly mood right now - it IS just after 4am and I am so tired so - can't sleep ... hope you are sleeping like a "BABY" and Baby is sleeping too ...

    Love, Tracy

  2. If I can get a flight, I might just see you all there!!

  3. 10 days..... wow, it can't be that soon..... yay!!! Lots to do before then, but looking forward to the getaway!!!

  4. Well girls you are in for a treat is all I can say. I'm volunteering again this year and the bits I saw last week when I was helping with the packing are "too die for". It's going to be a real treat. See you then.

  5. I am sure you will all enjoy the expo ... hope your creative juices will be flooding

  6. That sounds like pure bliss!!! I'm not going this year :( Hope you all have loads of fun - in fact - I know you will! ENJOY!!!


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