16 August, 2008

SO much posting to do

Unfortunately, cannot do much until I get to my PC downstairs as I have photos etc to load etc...

Having a hectic morning today, as Murray is at a golf day and they plan on watching the rugby there too. OMG, I need help with the girls....(just kidding) I will survive I guess!!! It is more Chloe though, wants me to carry her everywhere. I think it is only fair, as he will be watching the girls for 3 days when I go to the International Scrapbook convention in September.

Thanks to this awesome chick Jacki, she has given us a rundown on Google Reader on her blog. Therefore, I have decided to add my Fav BLOGS to Google Reader. That way it will be easier to keep updated to those who have updated theirs and not having to go there and see no new posts...!

Why don't you go try it out too...THANKS, Jacki!


  1. Good luck with the girls Sophia... its tough being a mom and we get NO holiday. At least you have the ISE to look forward too.

    Also took Jacki's advice on the Reader... works like a dream!

  2. jacki janse van rensburg16 August, 2008 21:18

    hi. it's the awesome chick, jacki here...

    glad you like the google reader. i'm loving it! more blogs in less time!


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