23 August, 2008

Photo Walk Update

Driving down early this morning it started to rain slightly, but by the time we got down there, it had passed.

Our timing was just perfect, as the sun had not risen yet and therefore we managed to get some SUPER photos as you will see below.


I must say, Jenny was far more adventurous than me, as you will see, she got right down into the sand at times snapping away.

It was so funny to see all these people walking along and just casually snapping away.

By the time we got back, people had already started to order their breakfast, but Jen and I opted out as we thought it would take far too long waiting for the other 48 to get cooked..lol. So we settled for a Wimpy breakfast with mega coffee at Buxtons centre...and it went down so well!!


  1. Looks like you had fun!! And walking along the beach so early in the morning is divine!

    Jenny is a nutcase ... lying on the sand like a hobo - just teasing - great that she got "down and dirty" in the sand.

    Love, T

  2. Sounds like you really had a load of fun!

    I suppose one has to "get down and dirty" to capture that perfect picture - way to go Jen!!

  3. So jealous ... this would have been right up my ally ... an early morning walk on the beach passing the time executing one of your favourite passions ... I am sure you and Jenny had a very satisfying morning ... now what about seeing some of those snapshots?

  4. A photo walk - sounds intriguing! I want to do that! Jenny looks like I do sometimes - I can get seriously carried away when I'm on a mission! Love that photo of you Sophia!

    And by the way - pop over to my blog - I have a little surprise waiting there for you! ;)

  5. Looks like lots of fun, very energetic of both of you!

  6. Hi Sophia, Pop on over to my blog qucikly - have a little surprise for you x x x

  7. Hey my friend

    Hope you are well ...

    Have a little surprise on my blog for you ...

    Thank you again for your support and encouragement in all that I do ... You are a GR8 friend!!

    Love, Tracy


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