16 August, 2008

New Blog Template

Just felt like a change, as I was getting tired of the brown. This one is a rather plain one, but I have commissioned Gisele to design my own unique template, so that will be here in the near future.

Managed to get through today, thank goodness. I think Chloe performs more for me than her daddy. As when I am away, he says she is so good...mmmm I wonder!

Off to my in-laws for lunch tomorrow as Murray's cousin from PE is down with her kids, so hope to get some photos of the kids together and other stuff.

Will post my photos of the girls tomorrow. I have hubby snoring his head off here next to me so distracting...LOL


  1. jacki janse van rensburg17 August, 2008 00:42

    it's 20 to 1 in the morning. i have spent 4 hours working on 'emptying' my google reader. and, just as i want to log off, it tells me i am already slipping behind, sophia has posted... so, i thought i would stop by here to say 'good night'.
    oh, and my hubby's snoring is not distracting me, as he is snoring on the couch...

  2. Jacki, you need to sleep girl - but way to go for putting him on the couch (tee hee) ...


  3. Hey Sophs

    I looooooove your new BLOG - so elegant and the updated photos are gorgeous ....

    Glad to see you survived the day with Amy and Chloe - I do not miss the baby and toddler phases - at least they grow up at some point ... but then comes the teens ... (insert JAWS music here).

    I am scrapping today - at least for parts of the day so hope I will get loads of catching up done.

    Chat soon.

    Love, T

  4. Hey Sophia... love the new template... I'm also in the process of changing mine... not there yet though... must be the change of season for us all. Enjoy the day with your family.


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