04 August, 2008

LOs from Saturday's Party

Finally managed to get my LOs completed, as I wanted t show you how they turned out...I love the end results and the colours are superb.

LO 1 - It is the Little Moments

When you lift the flap it reveals these photos underneath...

LO 2 - Nothing More Beautiful

I just love all this pink and bling...

Cannot wait to see the rest of the ladies LOs from Saturday.


  1. Lovely layouts Sophia. Very suttle colours ... true to your style.

  2. These are beautiful Sophia... nice layout designs and lovely pics. Also nice to have something so special to remember your birthday by.

  3. jacki janse van rensburg05 August, 2008 10:51

    oooh! nice!

  4. venessa matthews05 August, 2008 16:09

    Yeah, glad you finished yours - although the web doesn't do the colours and paper choices justice on these and of course the piercing design is a little lost too.... but glad to see the letters I added into your kits actually looks really lovely - so a little relived to see this all done. Just love the photos you have used on both of these Sophia, and indeed think we are so alike if the girly girl layout was up your alley as it is very me too. Had fun with these, h opefully see some more completed ones too.
    love Me

  5. Love the photos, Sophs.

    Well done for finishing so soon - mine are as I left them on Saturday - shocker!! Will get there.


  6. Are these the L.O's from Venessa's kits for your B-day?...they are really great...love the little bunch of embellishments on the right hand side of the brown one.

    Certainly looks as if you guys had a lot of fun.


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