10 August, 2008


No kidding...

My folks have been here for the weekend spending some time with us. The reason they also came down was for Grandparents Day at Amy's school and this year was the first time that they could come down and go. My folks said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and Amy was so glad to have them there, with Murray's folks too.

My Mom also wanted to go get her air tickets for Mauritius, but due to it being a Public holiday on Saturday (Womens Day), she did not get to go. She will be down again next weekend for Jarred's birthday party, so we hope to get it then.

We had Murray's folks come round for lunch with us all today too, as they wanted to see the end result of our house, as we have just had it painted on the outside (will take photos soon to upload). My Dad cooked a delicious meal for us all, I so miss his cooking. Yours truly made a new salad I tasted at the demo stand at Woolies yesterday. So, for those of you who love salads, you sure gonna have to try this one out...so delicious!!!

Salad a la Woolies
Cherry tomatoes cut in half
Mini cucumbers cut length ways and in in quarters
Organic feta cheese
Sachet of the Woolies Pickled Peppers with the sauce
Loads of Coriander
Sprinkle Woolies Avocado Oil, infused with garlic

Mix all together, chill and serve...you will love it.

Guess what, I managed to scrap in between my free time, while my Mom occupied Chloe...

Here is my LO below of my Mom holding Chloe for the first time.

Enjoy what's left of your Sunday.


  1. Amy and Chloe are so so fortunate to still have their grandparents around to spend special moments with them such as this past Grandparents Day. I can see you Cherish every moment which is reflected in your latest layout.

  2. Nice layout Sophia. Wish I could say that I scrapped this weekend... but no such luck!

  3. Gorgeous layout, Sophs - you lucky girl - scrapping in between visitors - divine!!

    Desire is so right - it is special for children to be with their grandparents - I am so grateful that I was able to spend so much time with my Nanna and Bryce even got to know his Great-Nanna for about 4 years before she died. He still remembers that she used to make him rooibos tea and he loved it!

    She also used to have a magic Genie Lamp, which when it was rubbed by little children,would produce sweets or a little gift from seemingly out of the air - very special. My Nanna used to do this when I was little and also for Bryce before she passed - I miss my nanna ...

    Love, Tracy

  4. Psssst. It's me!!!

    This is not related to your post but I wanted to say a HUGE thanks for fixing my signature on my blog.

    Nice in this day and age here in SA to see that the only hijackers I have to contend with are blogjackers ... (tee hee)!!


  5. Love those soft colors on your page ... and it's got a super design, too! Thanks for the recipe, as well ... my husband will love it!


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