12 August, 2008

Ding, Ding, Ding we have a WINNER!!!

Sorry for the delay, but I finally managed to get Amy to play along and draw the name for my 40th BIRTHDAY RAK giveaway.

Have a look at the video and see if your name came up...

I finally finished another LO tonight and I am quite pleased on how it turned out, of course I love the colours too...

I was asked to do up some kits for my friend Jenny's sister, Kim from Dubai. She is out here visiting and wanted to take some back with her. This LO and the previous one are what I created for her. She wanted a girl, boy and travel themed one. I hope she will like it...

The money I make from the kits will be put towards that yummy stash Tracy and bought together from overseas, she told me today how yum it all looks...we need to get in touch soon, girl!!!

Off to go get me some much needed sleep...goodnight!


  1. Congrats Charli enjoy the RAK.

  2. Sophia your layout is beautiful... you're such a clever girl!!! And congrats to the winner too (won't mention names here so that I don't spoil the surprise just yet!). I'm sure she will THOROUGHLY enjoy your rak.

  3. Chloe is sooooo cute - I want to hijack her .... so sweet and she looked as though she loved drawing the name ... well done, Chloe.

    Your LO is gorgeous - I am sure Kim will love all the kits you have put together.

    Hooking up this weekend ... yummy, yummy stash ...


  4. Oh wow, what a clever idea!!

    Congrats Charli - enjoy your RAK.

    Love your layout, so pretty in pink and girly.

  5. Hey Sophs

    Mistakenly called Amy Chloe - silly me ...

    Sorry, Amy girl!

    Congrats Charli - enjoy the free stash!!

  6. Cute way to show the winner....love the pink hat & feathers...:o)
    Congrats Charli!

  7. No freakin way!!! I have been crazy busy with school starting and pto and football stuff that I just haven't checked my blogs I like. Sooo...today I did and caught up on tons of stuff, including this little video with the cutest little starlet showing my name on the video!

    How darling is that?

    THANK YOU for giving me a gift for your birthday! You rock! Wishing you the best year ever!!

  8. No freakin way!! How fun! I watched the video and saw my name being drawn by the cutest little starlet. Thanks SO much for giving me a present for Your birthday! What a great way to choose a name too...and what a lovely surprise! Thanks everyone.


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